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what we do

what do we mean by regeneration?

The term "regenerative", like "green" and many other words is going through the phase of being commercialized and co-opted. But we mean it as by definition- the process for growing back more life. 

The Regenerative Ed Podcast exists to muck through all the hard questions about why we feel exploited, extracted, stuck in our schools and how we can start to look at all systems--especially education-- through a more life-giving lens.

NO. 43 - Ian Sanderson


No. 32 - Slow food, slow fashion, slow... schooling?


No. 12 - Finding the Rhythm during a pandemic

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Sarah and Jess are 

inspirational, transformative leaders

Deborah Evans, College of Ed, UMass Amherst

calling all classroom teachers!

We work with all types of educators, but for all the classroom teachers out there:

Welcome to an organized way to plan more regenerative aspects into your lesson.

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