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Coming: 2023 school year cohort of school representatives to shift the paradigm of your school.

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In this workshop we're focusing on one part of the scarcity story: accumulation. We'll discuss the living-systems perspective for accumulation and what this means for our learning systems. The goal is that you'll leave this workshop with a clearer understanding of accumulation-- what causes it and how to unblock it, both in life and in your learning spaces, so we can create flow and space for more personal thriving. <3

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We Are Verbs
Program & Community

Totally free, each one is between 10-20 minutes long, transcripts available. Simply sign up with your email for the always-free version of We Are Verbs.

Based on the monthly theme for each type of educator: classroom teachers, community educators, administrators, outdoor educators, homeschool parents, coaches and ed consultants based on the monthly theme.

  • 12/13 Community Skillshare Meeting: DIY Zines for Gifts and Gratitude
  • 12/29 First meeting of winter book club for Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May


as an educator, how can I usher in a more regenerative future?

We believe empowered, connected, aware educators of all types can make a lot of things better- not just GDP.

We hold learning experiences for humans to create more thriving, not conveyor belts to produce more cogs.

We are asking:

grounded teaching is

Whether you're a classroom teacher, parent, administrator, yoga teacher, outdoor educator, or other type of community educator, we all have someone looking to us for guidance to learn. That level of responsibility holds a lot of power to shift towards a more regenerative future.

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calling all classroom teachers!

We work with all types of educators, but for all the classroom teachers out there:
Welcome to an organized way to plan more regenerative aspects into your lesson.

What do folks have to say?

real reviews


"This program was a wonderful introduction into sustainable, holistic, and human models of education. 

Sarah and Jess were fantastic and encouraged all thoughts, ideas, and connections we made as learners. They fostered a supportive environment with various ways to access the material."

- S.A.

creative thinking

“This program provided unique benefits to me as an autistic adult interested in helping to make education more universally accessible for all learners.

It not only helped me clarify a direction for my future work in this area, but it gave me space to engage in much needed conversations that facilitated my ongoing social-cultural-linguistic development and helped me engage in more playful and creative ways of thinking overall.

- S. W.

it's simple

"Not only was it valuable for myself, but I am now able to share this information in an easy to understand and accessible ways to my students and colleagues" 

- Stephanie

hey there.

We're sarah
and Jess.

We're education professionals, community organizers, regeneration activists, coaches, herbalists, gardeners, yoga teachers, and systems thinkers. Our work with living systems outside of the ed system gives us a unique point of view for our careers inside the system. We're listening, learning, making connections, and teaching. 

We connect the seemingly unconnected to help us plot a course for an education that actually works to build thriving selves, communities, and Earth.

twins, educators, community organizers, coaches, custodians, caretakers.

Sarah and Jess are 

inspirational, transformative leaders

Deborah Evans, education doctoral student, College of Ed, UMass Amherst.

listen in:

what do we mean by regeneration?

The Regenerative Ed Podcast exists to muck through all the hard questions about why we're doing what we're doing, how we got here, and how we can completely transform the system through huge AND small shifts.

NO. 1 - The mechanical Mind


No. 32 - Slow food, slow fashion, slow... schooling?


No. 12 - Finding the Rhythm during a pandemic


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