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What does this season have to teach us about being educators for regenerative futures?


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what we do

A complete list of on-demand online courses will be available February 15, 2023. 

Learn more about One-off special workshops, Seasonal Sessions Class: The Elements and Education, Community Skillshares, and Earning a Certificate in Regenerative Design for Educators Fall 2023 Cohort-- all on this page.

winter book club 

by Katherine May

Open to any educator and hosted on our community, We are Verbs. We're talking about resting this season.

Grab a copy from your local bookseller or library and join us to discuss the book twice: the first half in January, and the second half in February. Come to both meetings or just one! 

To find out more or join the discussion asynchronously on the platform, join We Are Verbs for free.

each season in 2023 we're focusing on an element. 

What we can learn from that element about how to be in this world, especially as someone responsible for other people's learning experiences? What does this mean for education?

The Spring Element: Air

The Goal: Unlearn toxic patterns, receive inspiration by listening to a part of a living system (air), apply this knowledge to your own unique being-ness as an educator.

The Logistics: an in-depth series of four 75-minute classes spread across two weeks in mid April. 

The Structure: This isn't about more esoteric head knowledge. We move from gut-->heart-->head-->hands through the progression of the series.

coming soon

listen in:

what do we mean by regeneration?

The Regenerative Ed Podcast exists to muck through all the hard questions about why we're doing what we're doing, how we got here, and how we can completely transform the system through huge AND small shifts.

NO. 43 - Ian Sanderson


No. 32 - Slow food, slow fashion, slow... schooling?


No. 12 - Finding the Rhythm during a pandemic

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Sarah and Jess are 

inspirational, transformative leaders

Deborah Evans, College of Ed, UMass Amherst

calling all classroom teachers!

We work with all types of educators, but for all the classroom teachers out there:
Welcome to an organized way to plan more regenerative aspects into your lesson.

hey there.

We're sarah
and Jess.

We're education professionals, community organizers, regeneration activists, coaches, herbalists, gardeners, yoga teachers, and systems thinkers. Our work with living systems outside of the ed system gives us a unique point of view for our careers inside the system. We're listening, learning, making connections, and teaching. 

We connect the seemingly unconnected to help us plot a course for an education that actually works to build thriving selves, communities, and Earth.

twins, educators, community organizers, coaches, custodians, caretakers.

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