the future of education is regenerative

Unlearn and reimagine your role in a living educational system built for humans to create more life, not for machines to produce more commodities

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what we do

grow without burning out

The key to a regenerative approach is orienting school from the living system design principles that we know to be true: reciprocity, diversity, the edge effect, and more... 

i feel seen. 

On time: We "job-embed" many of our classes, workshops, and TOLIFE! certificate programs so you actually learn practices you can apply tomorrow. Not only doing work in the abstract saves you time.

But more importantly: our offerings provides clarity on priorities and boundaries to help you have a healthier relationship with one of your most precious resources: your time.

why do we care? why now?

We are facing a future we only know won't look like today, though we're certain of challenges it will contain: health crises, extreme weather, and political division. The solution isn't just more tech. It's reconnection.

become a teacher for a new paradigm

Participate in the groundswell movement that keeps asking "what is education even for?" and pushes for more connection, more nuance, more place-based ed, and more listening and less silos, less standardization, less compliance, less hurriedness, to name a few.

 A Pedagogical Practice:  Do Nows/Bellringers

We're thinking about lesson content that creates more life, pedagogy that creates more life, school systems and structures that create more life, communication that creates more life, infrastructure that creates more life, policies that create more life, and the list goes on.

a regenerative education system

industrial (status quo) paradigm

Do Nows Get Kids Working Immediately

Do Nows create a sense of urgency (don't we want that?)

Do Nows create a structure (isn't that a good thing?)

Do Nows can preview the day's work or review the previous day's work.

It seems like Do Nows are a great instructional practice!

Let's double check if there's a way to do them (or not do them) to ensure they're promoting more life by running the practice through just one principle of a regenerative school paradigm: The Edge Principle.

We co-created 7 principles for more regenerative schools

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Applied regenerative principle: the edge principle

First, let's think about it in terms of ecosystems.

Simply put, more life happens on the edges where bioregions overlap. Think about a marsh: animals that live in water and on land meet to create a diverse ecosystem.

If we run Do Nows through this one principle, we can ask: do they feel like isolated parts of our classroom?Or do they overlap other subjects, parts of class, perspectives, emotions, nuances to bring richness, diversity, and joy to the beginning of class?

These questions will help us determine when and how to best use a Do Now. 

It may seem like a lot, running all practices through life-giving principles.

That's why we don't hurry, we start with small elements, and we slowly observe feedback loops--because those are other principles of ecological, life-giving design. 

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Sarah and Jess are 

inspirational, transformative leaders

Deborah Evans, education doctoral student, College of Ed, UMass Amherst.

what we do


Support for Teachers

workshops, classes, and creative advising is here to help you find your purpose and voice to improve your teaching (and LIFE!) practices and be the human (teacher or not!) you already are-- you just need to remember and reconnect with them.


Support for Leaders

through our workshops & classes or our consulting services, we want to help you bring more life to your school leadership. We can also directly support your teachers through our offerings & customized PD.


Support for Community

we offer support for parents, caregivers, community members, homeschoolers, and other humans who want to learn to orient from a regenerative paradigm 

 We must transform the educational system from a mechanical system towards a living system in order to have a regenerative future.

Regeneration = more life, more connection,  more health, more awareness, more authenticity, more purpose,  more creativity.

for All ed professionals

Workshops & Classes

We need school and system leaders and policy makers to create big change, and we need empowered, connected, respected teachers.

Top down and bottom up.

Workshops include  regenerative pedagogical shifts as well as caring for self, community, and earth.  

Regenerative Education Consulting

For School & District Leaders

The world is shifting away from hard lines and standardization and towards and a new, living paradigm.

Maybe you're finding yourself in a leadership position where the old systems, structures, and policies aren't working for your students or staff anymore. All the concrete stuff like bell schedules and whatnot.

As living system designers and educators, we can help.

for anyone reading this. Yep, tHis means you. 

Creative advising for human educators

You're the square peg that's tired of trying to fit into a round hole anymore. 

Actually, you're more like a highly-nuanced infinity-sided polygon, realizing you never actually fit that round hole. 

Creative advising is here to help you.  During the traditional "dip season" of Oct./Nov, sessions are donation-based, starting at *zero-judgment* free.

TO LIFE!™ Certificate program

For teachers and school leaders

You're ready to take a deep dive into a cohort-based, 7-month program that will help you transform your role as an educator or school leader (choose your track), and dramatically improve your world and your students' world.

Programs start end of January 2022.

Enrollment starts mid-December. 

for school & district leaders

& Professional development

We have presented at conferences and on national panels on sustainability and regional living systems. Please contact us to see if we would be a good fit for your initiative.

We also create nuanced professional development session(s) for your staff.

What do folks have to say?

real reviews


"This program was a wonderful introduction into sustainable, holistic, and human models of education. 

Sarah and Jess were fantastic and encouraged all thoughts, ideas, and connections we made as learners. They fostered a supportive environment with various ways to access the material."

- S.A.

creative thinking

“This program provided unique benefits to me as an autistic adult interested in helping to make education more universally accessible for all learners.

It not only helped me clarify a direction for my future work in this area, but it gave me space to engage in much needed conversations that facilitated my ongoing social-cultural-linguistic development and helped me engage in more playful and creative ways of thinking overall.

- S. W.

it's simple

"Not only was it valuable for myself, but I am now able to share this information in an easy to understand and accessible ways to my students and colleagues" 

- Stephanie

hey there.

We're sarah
and Jess.

We're education professionals, community organizers, "regeneration" activists, coaches, herbalists, gardeners, yoga teachers, and systems thinkers. Our work with living systems outside of the ed system gives us a unique point of view for our careers inside the system. We're listening, learning, making connections, and teaching. 

We connect the seemingly unconnected to help us plot a course for an education that actually works to build thriving selves, communities, and Earth.

twins, educators, community organizers, coaches, land stewards

listen in:

what do we mean by regeneration?

The Regenerative Ed Podcast exists to muck through all the hard questions about why we're doing what we're doing, how we got here, and how we can completely transform the system through huge AND small shifts.

NO. 1 - The mechanical Mind


No. 32 - Slow food, slow fashion, slow... schooling?


No. 12 - Finding the Rhythm during a pandemic


Dear Teacher, School Leader, or Community Member:

be a part of changing the system

Small actions. Large actions. We have collective power. 

 Let's prioritize connection, stewardship, and genius to create learning experiences that can change the present and the future for ourselves, our community, and our world.

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Top Five Essential Questions

The Regenerative Ed Top 5 Essential Questions Sheet

Jump start formal or informal conversations among colleagues, community members, students, and even your own family members about a future-giving way of re-doing education.  



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