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learning & connecting experiences to help educators teach and live from a regenerative paradigm

A world where educators are empowered to find their skills and voice in creating a new educational system that can trace all its actions to helping humans and our planet thrive.

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calling all classroom teachers!

We work with all types of educators, but for all the classroom teachers out there:
Welcome to an organized way to plan more regenerative aspects into your lesson.

Grounded teaching exists to create learning experiences that connect educators to the wisdom of natural systems, empowering them to live more fully and create learning opportunities where the purpose is to create more human and plantary thriving.  

our mission

Grounded Teaching recognizes the interconnectedness of regenerative systems thinking. Established in 2019, we've been offering regenerative education learning experiences to hundreds of teachers. The fact of the matter is, though, it's really hard to put practices into practice when you're operating in an oppressive mechanical system.

We're re-thinking how time is spent and culture is cultivated in our schools. Real challenges are among us: our planet is on fire, our communities are divided, our mental health is suffering, and our lifespan (let alone healthspan) is decreasing for the first generation in history.

But, the reality is: we know if we have space for connection and imagination, if we are able to find the encouraging stories and learn to tell them, we all have the power to change our lives and our work. 

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