Pattern #4: Streamlining!

episode 37

 Sarah Pottle

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A Series Introduction to Observing & Applying Patterns in Natural Systems


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One way that we can learn to no longer be hemmed in by capitalistic, mechanistic, patriarchal, industrial (ETCETERA AM I RIGHT!) frameworks is to just open our eyes and check out the patterns that are all around us in natural systems.

This week's pattern: streamlining!

Streamlining is episode #4 of a 9-episode podcast (#1 was the intro!) that we'd normally deliver in an online workshop, but, really, maybe you're sick of logging into Zoom AFTER work, and would prefer it coming through your weekly podcast feed? I dunno! We're experimenting here!

Friction! Speed! Industrial Culture in a Nutshell! We talk about it all in this episode where we offer some insight on maybe where we DON'T need to streamline, actually. Where it actually is counter to my values (wait, what are my values, even!), and we get some clarity on where it's most helpful to apply streamlining, and where it's doing us a disservice.

I hope you'll check it out. If it resonates, like, subscribe, share-- you know! All those things :) You can join the conversation by joining our free community (link above) and download the workbook (link above, too!)


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