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Pattern recap 

episode 42

 Sarah Pottle and Jess Boeke

a conversation between

A Workshop Series in Observing & Applying Patterns in Natural Systems


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One way that we can learn to no longer be hemmed in by capitalistic, mechanistic, patriarchal, industrial (ETCETERA AM I RIGHT!) frameworks is to just open our eyes and check out the patterns that are all around us in natural systems.

This Week's podcast is a pattern recap! 

This week, with Jess (co-founder of Grounded Teaching and HS English teacher AND twin sister to me!) we briefly review each of the previous pattern podcasts we discussed over this series. 

We also answer some frequently asked questions we've received about We Are Verbs.

I hope you'll check it out! If it resonates, like, subscribe, share-- you know! 

pattern recap

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