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What have I been up to lately? Working on We Are Verbs, and one of the things that I've been really excited about is making these mini-casts for individual educator groups: classroom teachers, administrators, ed consultants/instructional coaches, community educators, homeschool teachers, and outdoor educators.

Each month, aligned to our monthly programming in We Are Verbs, we are digging into a theme, and I record a podcast for each role.. We're calling them mini-casts, and I'm housing them in the free section of our We Are Verbs community because the format of Regenerative Ed doesn't work for speaking to individual educator groups. It would flood the feed. But this way you can simply log on and listen to the podcast that represents your role, and also listen to others because they all apply! 

It's a super easy and free way to stay connected to our theme in We Are Verbs throughout the month. Check it out at the links above!

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