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Maja Watkins & Sarah Pottle

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I was thrilled to get the chance to interview Maja Watkins recently. When a colleague connected with me and said I needed to interview her, I googled her up and there I saw "Improv Curriculum" related to social emotional needs. I was like, we gotta get this person on the pod ASAP! 

Maja was a delight to talk to. She is so passionate about students and incredibly attuned and creative when it comes to their social and emotional needs. As someone trained in Improv, she's created literally hundreds of games to play with students to help them connect.

This is one of those episodes that was not only enjoyable, but really helpful with some concrete games that I've already played with my own kid as well as teachers I work with. 

Definitely check out Maja's resources above to see her books and services! 

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Maja Watkins website

Maja's books, articles and improv services

Maja is a mother, author, teacher, and founder living in Los Angeles, Ca. Through her work with children in various settings, and her experience growing up with a brother on the autism spectrum, Maja has developed an understanding of how powerful communication is for all people. Maja is the author of The Brain's Playground: Using Improv Games To Teach Social and Emotional Learning as well as the author of a parenting guidebook titled: 10 Minutes of Play for 10 Days. The Brain’s Playground includes her valuable research, data, and curriculum. Maja holds a degree in Child Development and is also a graduate of The Second City in Hollywood where she studied improvisation and sketch comedy. Maja works as a Social and Emotional Learning Specialist and creates inclusive opportunities where the curriculum is designed to allow children and young adults to reach their highest potential in whichever way they feel most comfortable.

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