A 9-episode Regenerative Ed podcast series on biomimicry and design applications for our work and life.

pattern 8: scatter

pattern 7: nets

pattern 6: LOBES

Pattern 5: CLOUD FORMS


Pattern 3: branches

Pattern 2: Waves

Pattern 1: Spirals

Patterns intro episode

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We're observing natural systems, and we are...

1) Enjoying them! Connecting to the living world! 
2) Using them to re-imagine industrial patterns in our lives and work!

! because yes, it's exciting!

Workshop-in-a-Podcast Series

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Sometimes you just have to find the right format for the thing-- and so we're experimenting with putting content that might normally go in a workshop Zoom series (the kind you have to register for, but then something comes up,  and you tell yourself you'll watch the recordings, but... ).

What if we just made it simple and the workshop just came through your weekly podcast drip? Let's try it out! 

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Educators who want more

"I am a big fan of the musings of these educators. I enjoy the casual tone and I love how they are truly questioning our education system. Their latest episodes are fantastic. I especially like the idea of living by the rhythm of seasons. As an Indigenous educator this totally aligns with my belief that we need to align our drive and never ending’s not a race, it’s a journey ...thank you."

- Luxybeg

“Thank you for creating this beautiful space, here and on Instagram <3 This teacher of 12 years has come to the same point; we need everything to change, and nature is the starting point. ”

- Izzy3204

“A new perspective on moving education forward. So much insight from a true expert in her field. This podcast is equally valuable to educators, parents, and anyone looking for a reimagined view of our education system. ”

-Maria H.

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