Regenerative ed

A podcast for folks interested in shifting the paradigm of the educational system

Exploring modeling education after living systems, not industry.



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Ready to think about the educational system from a living system, creation-oriented paradigm?

Regenerative Ed offers concrete ways to make your classroom, school, community, and self/family more alive. strategies for shifting your mindset away from a mechanical paradigm. knowledge about how the living world works and ideas for what that means for ed. connections to and learnings from other systems that we can apply to education. 



a 9-episode Regenerative Ed series on biomimicry and design application for our lives and our work.

a good place to start...

Episode 1: The Mechanical Mind

In this episode, Sarah explores the effects of a mechanical mindset in our educational system, and how some slight shifts away from that mechanical mindset might open up possibilities to see our schools as living systems. 


featured episodes:

Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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Educators who want more

"I am a big fan of the musings of these educators. I enjoy the casual tone and I love how they are truly questioning our education system. Their latest episodes are fantastic. I especially like the idea of living by the rhythm of seasons. As an Indigenous educator this totally aligns with my belief that we need to align our drive and never ending’s not a race, it’s a journey ...thank you."

- Luxybeg

“Thank you for creating this beautiful space, here and on Instagram <3 This teacher of 12 years has come to the same point; we need everything to change, and nature is the starting point. ”

- Izzy3204

“A new perspective on moving education forward. So much insight from a true expert in her field. This podcast is equally valuable to educators, parents, and anyone looking for a reimagined view of our education system. ”

-Maria H.

featured episode

Episode 25: Finn Menzies: Queerness as a Portal (in education and elsewhere)

We discuss the need for looking beyond black-and-white structures in education.


featured episodes:

Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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what you'll learn here:


How to think like an empowered  life-giving educator, leader, and community member.


Strategies from a birds-eye view


How to view yourself and take action as an educator-creator. 

after working with hundreds of teachers and leaders personally, closely observing thousands of lessons across all grade bands and subject areas, the patterns make it obvious that the struggle is not just because students are "disengaged" or "poor"... it's because of dehumanization by all of us.

because no human in this system (or any system) is a cog.

learning is something that we've enjoyed doing since literally forever. The ed system can be a part of remembering how to do that.

I'm grateful for the mundane tasks in your day that create the space for me to be in your ears! 

I'm a former teacher with several degrees in education, NBCT standing, and experience personally coaching hundreds of teachers and leaders and training thousands in approximately 50 districts throughout the USA. 

Perhaps just as importantly: I'm a regenerative systems organizer in our local community, working with all parts of a textile supply chain to create farm-to-fashion garments. This combined with history as a health coach, gardener, and artist has lead me to a deeper understanding of systems thinking, a questioning of what we think we know, and a curious approach to education. 

teacher, local community organizer, writer.textile artist, land steward, mom. Plus, like all of you: many, many other always-evolving identities

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(you can nominate yourself, too!) We are always looking for podcast guests with a fresh perspective to seeing ed as a holistic system. If you know someone who is involved with living systems design, ecological repair, or other ways of thinking about pedagogy, content, and the whole structure that are fresh, we'd love to connect with them (or you!). Click below. 


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We'd love to encourage more individuals in education to take risks and challenge the status quo.  Your honest reviews help us do just that!  Thank you so much!

indie-pop duo Shanna and Eric discuss their work as teachers and their lives as musicians in their band By Light We Loom in episode 28. 

calling all classroom teachers!

We work with all types of educators, but for all the classroom teachers out there:

Welcome to an organized way to plan more regenerative aspects into your lesson.

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