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All our classes, resources, and offerings are built on one core belief: 

 We can use the educational system to bring about a regenerative future. That means more life, and the things that make us more alive: more joy, more health, more awareness, more connection, more creativity.

featured Teacher Workshop

The Embodied Teacher Workshop Series

Along with the philosophy of embodiment, we will teach you practical applications, tips, and strategies so that you can live fully into your role as an embodied leader and teacher and watch as your presence shifts the energy of your workspace. 



You want to build resilience and awareness to fully live through the ups and downs of work (and life!)

school leaders for regenerative futures

Learn to think like a regenerative-systems designer, cultivating a school culture for a 21st century that needs more awareness, joy, curiosity, connection, creative solutions, and more. 


You want to lean into a new life-giving paradigm, create new connections with other leaders, and cultivate a new way of doing school at your school.

This accelerator, lead by expert educational coach and regenerative-systems thinker, Sarah Pottle, is sure to give you all the information, connection, and support to take a new paradigm and turn it into concrete actions that will transform your school community. 


Ways to Work Together

Classes & Workshops

 for school leaders, teachers, and other educational professionals to explore principles and concrete strategies for  more regeneration in work & life

Group Coaching

Group coaching + T.O.L.I.F.E!™ curriculum container for school leaders to learn our TOLIFE! Framework & apply it while connecting with each other.

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Coaching & Consulting

for individual leaders, teachers, or caregivers who need support understanding & implementing a regenerative paradigm in their work, org, homeschool, or household.


We all want the best for our kids. But our culture has made it tough to navigate a way there. A North Star seems cluttered by a billion other stars in the sky.  We can help. 

Is it this high-quality curriculum? SAT scores? STEAM? SEL? Anti-racism? Culturally Responsive Teaching? Respectful Parenting?
Sure. But when we bucket all of those things (vital as they are or seem to be!), we're forgetting to answer the question: What is education for? What could education be for?

If you're interested in backwards planning from there with us...

You're in the right place.

free live class for school leaders:
industry to ecosystem

Learn how to shift your paradigm to lead your school as if it's a living system.

Traci Athanaso
2019 Hernando county Teacher of the year

"Sarah and Jess blew me away with the ridiculous quantity of research and scientific knowledge that supports every aspect of this learning framework.

They are living proof that these practices open up the energy to get shit done, as they have clearly accessed whole new levels of energy to produce this amazing workshop while also holding down careers and families. The structure, graphics, and pacing of the framework that they share make understanding the purpose of the vast number of positive practices very accessible and meaningful. The tools embedded into the workshop make it realistic to actually put these ideas into practice. Utter respect." 

- meredith Charpantier, teacher


“I thought I was impacting my students on a daily basis, but Sarah taught me to raise the bar with engaging them in academic talk. GAME CHANGER in my room.

They learned to respectfully resepond to one another and our classroom transformed with considerate conversation about content. I am truly grateful for the year of coaching I had with her and the knowledge she shared with me.

- Traci Athanason


Coaching & Consulting

Coaching helps you get past barriers. Consulting provides  the knowledge and experience to co-create the roadmap.

We put the two together with our deep expertise to help school leaders, principals, parents, community organizers, and more to think like a regenerative systems designer, cultivating more life in their system, organization, or household.

If you need personalized, one-on-one coaching and consulting support, we welcome your message and will get back to you shortly. 

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You need personalized support in how to apply regenerative system design principles for your specific needs.

what do we do, generally speaking?

we help
ed professionals think like regenerative-systems designers 

What do folks have to say?

real reviews


"This program was a wonderful introduction into sustainable, holistic, and human models of education. 

Sarah and Jess were fantastic and encouraged all thoughts, ideas, and connections we made as learners. They fostered a supportive environment with various ways to access the material."

- S.A.

creative thinking

“This program provided unique benefits to me as an autistic adult interested in helping to make education more universally accessible for all learners.

It not only helped me clarify a direction for my future work in this area, but it gave me space to engage in much needed conversations that facilitated my ongoing social-cultural-linguistic development and helped me engage in more playful and creative ways of thinking overall.

- S. W.

it's simple

"Not only was it valuable for myself, but I am now able to share this information in an easy to understand and accessible ways to my students and colleagues" 

- Stephanie


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We can't wait to show you the possibilities when we remember ourselves as a part of a living system.

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