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Each season in 2023, we're focusing on an element of a living system to look more closely at our role as educators.
  Each of the classes in the April workshop explores lessons from the air element through the gut --> the heart--> the head--> the hands.  We're using the air element and this process to unlearn, get inspired, and reconnect to ourselves and the world in our work as educators for a more regenerative future. Sound interesting?

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Our We Are Verbs community is so talented, knowledgeable, passionate, and just... really cool. Community Skillshares are an outlet to share that creativity and passion with the community.  It might be making a zine, Chinese energy medicine, Non-Violent Communication, a great lesson you've just planned or more.
Come & learn , or inquire about presenting a skill that's related to a more regenerative future.

Book Clubs

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Come Learn with us (free!)

The We Are Verbs book clubs are designed to take books slowly and to discuss them with a welcoming and casual structure that builds relationships as much as meaning.

This spring, we are reading The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. We're meeting at the end of January to discuss the first half, and at the end of March to discuss the first 1/3 of the book.
Supplemental questions and way to RSVP on We Are Verbs.

Connect around a book (free!)

we are verbs

we are verbs

build relationships, connections, and knoweldge

First 10 Days:


Three Game-Changing Values Rooted in Neuroscience and Ecology

For the secondary teacher, this training will help you utilizing these three paradigm-shifting, foundational aspects to create a solid plan, based in neuroscience and SEL for the beginning of the school year! 
Stop pinning unhelpful ice-breakers and start using authentic, foundational relationship-building principles that will shape your whole year towards more energy and fullness!


Bye, Blocks

recorded live

We Are Verbs   --  Unlimited Access

This workshop was delivered and recorded live in December of 2022, and tackles the modern, western desire for accumulation based on scarcity by looking at several examples of accumulation in living systems.

Leave this 60-minute previously recorded workshop with a better understanding of your own blocks, a perspective shift, and perhaps even a way to apply this information to your own learning spaces.

Exploring Accumulations in our Living and Learning Systems


Feedback Systems

We Are Verbs   --  Unlimited Access

This workshop was delivered and previously recorded in November of 2022, and it asks us to consider what feedback and failure means from a living-systems perspective. You'll leave with a better understanding of how to create structures for feedback that move you (personally or professionally) towards more thriving. 

Feedback Systems for Self-Observation and Self-Governance in our Learning Spaces

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study on your own time with instant access

All-Access Bundle

We Are Verbs   --  Unlimited Access

In addition to the four learning opportunities above (First 10 Days, Bye Blocks, Feedback Systems, Herbs for Educators), enjoy access to our video library for 6 other pre-recorded workshops on the following topics:
  • Place-based Ed
  • Imagination
  • Joy
  • Beginnings & Endings
  • The "In-Between"
  • Savoring

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Herbs for Educators

We Are Verbs   --  Unlimited Access

Taught by our in-house herbalist, Jess (how lucky are we), this holistic workshop reviews 10 herbs that you can respectfully cultivate or forage + when/why you'd use them + how to prepare them + most importantly: the difference of viewing these plants as a resource (no!) vs. being in relationship (yes!)

Jess ties the content back to our learning spaces often, and this workshop comes with a 25 page resource guide. Enjoy! 

Learn to plant and forage herbs to reconnect, detox, and restore

recorded live

"I would like to thank you for the amazing workshop on Failure and Feedback that you created this month. 

While I was unable to attend the live session, I just watched the recording and wow! So many wonderful offerings were shared that I am working on implementing at my school. Thank you for this amazing gift!"

From an administrator and member of we are verbs:


In this live (and recorded) two week, four-part workshop, you'll take your creative idea through a design process--one created for educators and based on living systems. 

Come with a change you want to make, an idea you want to bring to life, or a solution you're dreaming up.   

We'll provide the container, methods, information, and resources to help you bring your creative ideas to life, and together we'll create the inspiration and the energy to work on our own projects separately, together. 

Our work in this design mini-sprint will be inspired by the air element, which will give us a place of focus and the new information to help you get unstuck and explore your own creative wavelength.

listen to a version of this workshop here!

In December, we chose to focus on a theme that will help us better understand who we are as educators, and how we can move the needle towards more life in our own lives and in our learning spaces.

In this workbook, we're asking: What is the role of an educator in moving our culture out of a scarcity mindset?

Enjoy 31 pages that utilize reflective questions, poems, metaphors, and linked resources aimed at better understanding the global economy, scarcity, abundance, accumulation, releasing shame, re-defining a future outside of the current extractive paradigm.

This workbook is for anyone who spends time facilitating learning experiences of others (aka "an educator"), including: classroom teachers, community educators, homeschool parents, school administrators, instructional coaches, ed consultants, and more. 

SCARCITY workbook

31-page workbook instant download 

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