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Monthly membership for all educators who want to form connections  and grow knowledge based in living systems wisdom.

Education is a key lever.

Right now, it's not being used to its full potential, and, in some cases, we might go so far to say it's causing harm by training humans whose default mode of thinking is linear, disconnected, and compliance-oriented and worse.

But, as you know, education can mean collective liberation, better democracies, less suffering, improved relationships, less division, expanded definitions of "success", and more beauty, health, awareness, and joy!

We're building a collective culture of creative educators who want to select 'all of the above' for themselves and their students.

from the ground up.

We are composting the industrial education model and growing a regenerative one.

We are educators.

And we're unlearning

Most of us have been unconsciously (and consciously) trained to think in black-and-white, quantity over quality, standardization over unique gifts, product over process. That training seeps into all systems, especially education. We need to unlearn it.

And we're creating and imagining

We likely haven't taken enough time to cultivate our unique creative powers (they're unlimited!) because of the systems in which we live and work. We're ending that, right now. Creativity is the main tool we use to break down mechanical, siloed systems. 

And we're remembering and connecting

We are remembering who we are and what makes us such a unique person capable of educating, who we're here with, and what is so magical about getting to teach. We're connecting to living-systems knowledge to help us remember how the world actually operates, outside of an assembly line, so we can be resourced to operate as a living system, not a cog. 

A community designed to teach and support radical educators who want to help themselves and their students think and act as a part of a living system, not a machine.

Reinforcing a feedback loop of human thriving, driving towards a regenerative future for everyone.

we are verbs


i'm into creativity!


We are up against a culture that prizes quantity over quality, grind over rest, fixed over flux. All adults in a teaching context-- no matter if it's formal K-12, a homeschool, a community college, a pod/micro-school, a private school-- we educators are uniquely positioned to dramatically change that cultural narrative of learning. It's one we can rewrite, together, using our imagination, connection, and skills, without the grind.  

What are we are verbs members here for?

sounds good to me!


We are Verbs is a space where radical educators remember old relationships and make new ones. 

Not just better relationships to what we teach, or the way we teach, but to who we are as educators, to who we are as a part of our living planet, and to who we are with each other. When we know who we are, we can feel ourselves as a connected unit, moving together, we're more empowered to listen deeply, to be more compassionate with ourselves and others, and to take the next steps with confidence and in solidarity! 

I want more than just abstract teaching theory!

knowledge, wisdom & practice

The learning opportunities in We Are Verbs are designed to support you to create a joyful, imaginative life for yourself AND joyful, imaginative learning experiences for your students, based on the wisdom of circular living systems, not linear industrial systems. (For those of you teachers who feel stuck in a typical industrial ed classroom, we take care to address the tension you feel by asking: what can I do about it? And what should I let go of?)

You'll learn principles and new information, but you'll also remember yourself as part of a living, connected system.

We love weekend workshops, but so often success comes down to practice and repetition, which our membership offers. You'll create habits, rituals, and structures that will hold your new practices to create sustainable change in your personal life and while teaching. 

I'm down for upheaving the old broken system!

paradigm shifts

Become energized, not ground down, as an educator who is aware of the purpose and potential of education. We start there, and then consider using models that don't come from the factory floor.

Gain skills and perspectives to become a leader in a movement to transform the educational system from a mechanized system to a living system. 

Your teaching will grow, and that's because you'll grow. We are verbs, after all. Not nouns. Let's embrace our movement, growth, and change. 

What does the monthly membership include?

We aim to be one of the most supportive, paradigm-shifting educator communities out there. 

A radical curriculum based on seasonal shifts and monthly themes

  • Monthly We Are Verbs Core Workshop: This live (and recorded) workshop is the cornerstone of the We Are Verbs theme we'll explore each month. Designed to help you develop a regenerative mindset and become a living systems-thinking educator, you'll gain knowledge and develop practices to begin and sustain life-giving action in your life, in the ed system, in your classroom, wherever that may be.

  • Monthly Guide: A workbook released on the first Sunday of each month to help you put into practice the monthly theme, week-by-week.  It includes bite-sized takeaways, practices, questions to respond to, and ideas for student application. (For a traditional school: Especially helpful if your administration is sponsoring you and wants a regular update or you're looking to use this content with PLCs or a group of colleagues)

life isn't just linear. learning shouldn't be, either.

A curriculum that helps you understand how living systems knowledge helps us live and teach in a world that sometimes feels like it's falling apart.


In the spirit of co-creation and diversity, most months, one of our community members will offer to share a skill or passion they have in whichever virtual format they choose: a workshop, a talk, a reading-- anything your heart dreams up! Our group is full of talent: we have members who make their clothes, farm, make music, cook, bake, lead amazing discussions, parent well, organize, and more. From broad to niche, we want our community to share with each other their passions as an educator and beyond. Stipends are provided for community members who share their skills. 


This is the place where we hold it all together: experience new connections, accountability, encouragement, and idea-sharing with other radical educators on our private platform. Like facebook but no ads, and like Teams or Slack but more intuitive, our platform serves as the organizing space for this group.

Contribute to discussions and ask questions that will help you develop a regenerative approach, such as choosing quality over quantity, long term goals over short term goals, and more. 

Often, we'll also have 1-2 other opportunities to connect and learn throughout the month. For June, it's bite-sized breathwork and a book club.

A private, collective space to connect with other radical educators


Member Perks

Receive 20% off any Retreat, Course, or other group offering. This includes our upcoming Forest at Center Cohort, our To Life (Edshed) Certificate for Teachers,  or any (eek!) in-person workshops. Occasionally we'll also offer additional stand-alone, fee-free workshops for our members if inspiration strikes or a need arises that we can support.

To say thanks, any member who has been with us for 4 months or longer will receive surprise, personalized snail mail mini-packages. <3


What's happening this month?

Hey there, August!

1st of the month

Just like the first day of every month, we'll release a brief video to introduce our monthly focus (August: Savoring!), check in on our tiny habits we all set the month before, and to share the monthly workbook designed to  help you unlearn and re-member-- for the good of yourself and your students!

Aug. 18- WAV Core Workshop (live & recorded)

We'll gather together on Thursday night, 8/18, for our live (and recorded!) We are Verbs Core Workshop. In August, we want to savor this last bit of summer, but also focus on how we can bring that spirit into the school year with specific structures.  The workshop this month is titled: Structures for Savoring, Attention, & Rest . We'll consider special strategies and practices we can start now AND set up for the new year of learning in a traditional school calendar.  We'll actively build community in our new space, engaging in discussion based on workbook responses. We encourage you to come so we can meet you, but it's recorded for those who can't make it live.

Via your workbook (designed to be utilized in weekly chunks), we'll focus on what these August themes have to do with what we need to unlearn as educators, how we can practice our creativity as educators, how we can remember our dignity as educators. We'll focus our conversations around ourselves & our work with students so they, too, can not only learn content that makes them feel more alive, but learn how to be more alive. We'll use our community platform to connect around the questions and practices in the workbook to keep the momentum going!

Throughout the month

[repeat basic cycle each month to improve  connection and knowledge base, and to solidify a practice of being a more regenerative educator... and just plain ol' thriving human!]

"Can I join mid-month?" of course!

 When you log in, you'll find an orientation section and immediate access to this month's workbook and recordings to any workshops you might have missed. 

We read books seasonally around here to give ourselves time to dive in or catch up :)  For June, July, and August, we're reading Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta and are meeting once/month to discuss in a structured but casual format.

Book Club

September: Transitions and Connections

October: Turning Over the Garden and Place-Based Ed

November: Failures and Feedback

What's coming up for Fall?

Join us on 8/11 at 7pm ET as our community member Ruth Ann Smalley  shares healing energy practices she's been using professionally with clients for years! 

Commmunity Skillshares

This perfectly aligns to our theme for August which deals with savoring, resting and listening. Thanks, Ruth Ann! We can't wait!

commitment levels

We welcome them all

the toe dip

the backfloat while maintaining a dry face

the yolo full-on dive

Maybe you can attend the live WaV workshop, and set a goal for your own personal or professional-thriving this month with accountability from the group, but you probably won't be reviewing or contributing to the weekly Q&A&Art this month. You're in the water...and your makeup is still looking freshhhhhh!

Maybe you're not sure you can attend the live workshop this month, but you'll try to listen to the recording, and you'd like to use the workbook to guide your month and get tips for your students. Toe dip!

Maybe you've got the opp to fully participate in live workshops, print out and use the workbook as your guide this month, ask questions and tune into other's posts, connect with colleagues over a challenge you're experiencing, and come to book club this month! Woohoo! Let's dive in!

This level of participation will also make you eligible for certification

No matter where you are on the spectrum of time commitment, we are certain our support will encourage you to become a more regenerative, imaginative educator.

we've designed our supports so you'll experience growth and connection on all levels, and we've priced it so you can experience value even if you're just toe-dipping.

"Both Sarah and Jess are amazing at delivering/teaching all the concepts and practices. Your voices are calming and your timing and delivery are exceptional.

- Blanca B., educator, whittier city, CA

I was able to learn from Sarah and Jess, two very grounded, intelligent and kind women. My participation and experience in this program will guide my daily practices when it relates to myself, the community and nature as a woman, a mother, a partner and as an educator."

"The T.O.L.I.F.E.!. framework encouraged thoughtful evaluation of how I am teaching and living!"

- tricia E.

let's recap:

"Sarah and Jess blew me away with the ridiculous quantity of research and scientific knowledge that supports every aspect of this learning framework.

They are living proof that these practices open up the energy to get shit done, The tools embedded into the workshop make it realistic to actually put these ideas into practice. Utter respect." 

- meredith Charpantier, teacher

When all three of you join, save 20% off your membership... forever! 

Because we know the power of learning and practicing together!

Create a Study Group with two other educator friends

use code STUDYGROUP at checkout 
(honor system!)

Yes! Immediately after you register, you'll receive instant access to our platform! Once logging in, you'll find  a quick orientation video, so you don’t join and spend time wondering “What am I doing here? How do I engage?”. You’ll also get immediate access to any previously recorded sessions, the asynchronous groups, and the ability to RSVP for the upcoming workshops. 

At the beginning of every month at our We Are Verbs live workshop, we'll have the opportunity to introduce you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have carefully considered this price so it's accessible as possible to an individual educator's budget. That said, if you work in a school, we suggest you ask them to pay for this subscription, which is a minimal fee for many districts in the world of professional development, and, we'll argue, more effective! Sarah, Grounded Teaching co-founder and lead organizer of We Are Verbs should know: she has designed and/or facilitated professional development for tens of thousands of educators in her previous role. You will not find a PD that is more helpful even within a stone's throw of the price point: For an annual plan, you get 12 core monthly workshops, a monthly workbook, weekly group coaching via Q & As, joy and art inspiration tied to the monthly learning, and a network of educators to lean on, grow with, and get more creative with... for an annual fee of $375 (or less if you take advantage of our study group prices or group rates). Why so cheap? We don't want price to be a barrier.

You can send your administrators a link this website, but  download the one-pager at the top of the site and share with your administration to see if they can support your learning journey.

The more teachers are passionately participating in this movement, the stronger our community will be, and the more the impact. Because of that, we offer pretty excellent group rates (see study groups you can form yourselves for 20% discount!). Simply reach out: Hi@groundedteaching.com.

Let's see if this is right for you: 
1) Do you currently [or are soon planning to] facilitate student learning as a solid part of your day? 

2) Are you passionate about deconstructing the old industrialized education paradigm, and building a system that helps all the humans in the system thrive--in the present and in the future? (that means: we aren't going to grind our present away to get there.)

If "yes" to both, welcome! You might be a K-12 teacher, a university professor, a school leader, an outdoor educator, a "pod" or micro-school teacher, a student teacher, or a homeschool parent.  We recognize there are vast differences between the 'teacher' roles of a 9th grade English teacher and a homeschool dad. That said: one of the reasons this platform exists is to have wide and deep conversations about how we can do ed better. And one of our main principles is that diverse perspectives will only help us.  We're all working towards the same goal with the same principles, and we can often can learn so much from each other if we get out of our silos. (As a note, we DO account for the differences in roles with in the support we offer.)

If you are an educator in the sense that you teach concepts to adult students, like ‘How to Build a Stay-At-Home Business’ or ‘How to Write Your First Novel’, welcome! But I'm sure there is a space out there that can serve you better (or you should create one!). Please stay connected via our Instagram, newsletter, or podcasts if you find them helpful! 

If you have any questions about if this is right for you, reach out! hi@groundedteaching.com

Our monthly membership to We are Verbs is currently $34.  As a founding community member, you’ll be grandfathered into that price when it eventually increases as our library of resources and our network of connections grows. For $34 a month you'll receive a core workshop, a workbook that walks you through the theme for the entire month, a private platform to connect with new folks about being a regenerative educator, live Q&As,  Tuesday art inspiration, and other member perks.

We have led hundreds of educators through our Grounded Teaching workshops and retreats. We've come to understand that to have the impact we want on the system, we needed to
  1. create a cultural shift through an active community--connected to each other in a way that empowers each other's creative thinking
  2. create learning experiences in a container that offers a continuous thread of learning as well as professional and community support for actual application
  3. offer those learning experiences at a price would be accessible for most of our educators and that would also sustain our work

The membership model hit all of those criteria!

As of now, we will still offer two non-membership programs: Forest at Center (August) and To Life Certification for Teachers. Our members will receive a 20% discount if they choose to participate in these other experiences. We'll occasionally have other workshops free to members when the need pops up.

Why are you switching to a membership model?

I'm a traditional educator in a school-- can my work pay for this?

Can I join at any time? Or do I have to join at the beginning of the month?

Can any type of educator join?

How much does it cost?

We know of several schools who have accepted our trainings for continuing ed in the past. Of course, check with your administration to be sure. We publish a monthly "syllabus" one-pager, written for an audience of school administrators, that documents the focus for the month, the objectives for the month, and the approximate amount of learning time spent (If you participated in/with all of the resources every month, it would be an average of 6-10 contact hours a month, which averages into approximately .5-1 CEU per month).

Again, check with your administration to be sure, and you can also reach out to us if we'd need to provide further documentation/proof of participation.

Are you interested in further credit for your work? Check out the certification program, which is a program built on top of We Are Verbs. Read more about it here!

I teach in a formal school setting- can I earn continuing ed credits for this?

Sarah Pottle, primary facilitator: An experienced middle school teacher (NBCT with two degrees in education) who has since worked in hundreds of schools with thousands of educators, coaching and facilitating professional development for teachers, school leaders, support staff, and district folks. Frustrated by the system, Sarah co-founded Grounded Teaching several years ago to apply what she was learning in her moonlighting work as a circular systems community organizer and non-profit co-founder, as well as an artist and farmer herself. She created the podcast Regenerative Ed in 2019 to express her thinking as conversation-starters for the world of education. Sarah has served on the pandemic working group for the Federal Department of Education and has been a co-keynote speaker at the Wharton Reimagine Education conference.

Jess Boeke: A current English teacher (NBCT and a master's degree from Johns Hopkins), Jess has been piloting regenerative practices in her classroom for several years, and brings 17 years of instructional experience, also informed by her work as a yoga instructor, herbalist, breathwork practitioner, textile artist, and circular systems non-profit founder. 

Together, Sarah and Jess have been asked to present their ideas for many institutions and organizations such as The Sierra Club, Breaking Free from Plastic, Bennington College, Kent State, Columbus College of Art and Design, and more.

Special Guest Speakers: We know that the best teaching comes from diverse perspectives. While we wrap as many diverse perspectives into our monthly curriculum, we need outside voices. Your membership helps to support a program to give these folks a voice in our group. 

Who are the lead organizers and instructors of this community?

It's hard to express it enough: WE LOVE THIS NAME. 

We are Verbs
is an understanding, phrase, mantra-- whatever you want to call it-- that helps us really remember ourselves as constantly alive, shifting. Free from a static, objective identity. We think there's a lot of joy there.

The way we really believe we can break through an industrial paradigm is by blurring all these hard lines. Breaking down silos. What helps with that? Creativity. We aren't creative if we're static. The name We are Verbs helps us remember that we're creative, moving, living, beautiful humans first-- and that those of us in this group are beautiful, creative humans who want to teach others to be beautiful, creative, intelligent, kind, compassionate, well-informed, critical thinkers as well.

What's behind the name?

You could also pay annually with a slight discount of $399 for the year (12 workshops, a year's worth of weekly workbooks aligned to the theme, live Q&As, 52 art inspo. pieces, guest speaker access, loads of other perks...not to mention the internal commitment that you're joining for a year-- and we all know how much more beneficial taking the long view is!)

Join for $34/mo

Join for $399/yr

A few ways to save!
  • Create a study group and get 20% off for life when you bring 2 other friends along. Why? As you know, you'll experience way more success if you're doing it with friends. (checkout code: STUDYGROUP)
  • If you're an administrator interested in a group rate for your teachers, please email us.
  • If you are really drawn to this work, but simply cannot afford this cost at this time, please email us: hi@groundedteaching.com!

We do not offer any refunds, but you can cancel your membership at any time. 



What works best for you and your goals?

We are verbs membership


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We are verbs membership
+ certificate track

We are verbs membership
+ certificate track

What's behind the name?



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