we are verbs: november question

one year of culture, pedagogy,and self study starts here


How does our culture's definition of failure and feedback affect a regenerative future?

and what does that have to do with my work as an educator?

it's easy to feel 

as educators, especially, we spend so much time

in the world of knowledge input/output














welcome to we are verbs

sorting through so much

clutter and scatter






all attempting to break down the power of our unique ecosystem-selves into

t  i  n y

b  i  t  s



and that goes for our learners, community members, friends, and neighbors, too.

fraC  tion  ing

and yet:

Dear educator!

You are beautiful.

You are shining and unique.

You are present and becoming. 

You contain incredible creative power and dreams and purpose that only you can bring to this world.

The same goes for your learners.

And we're all connected.

Welcome to a different paradigm of understanding.

 One that starts within each of us educators.

Because we are not cogs, ghosts, or shells.
We are Verbs. And so are our learners.

Join us, no matter what type of educator you are (classroom, community, administrator, etc.) starting at free!

we are verbs programming is organized by seasonal monthly themes that connect the living world to our role as humans responsible for learning spaces. 

 For example, the theme for September of 2022 was "in-between" as we're in transitions between summer and fall, the equinox was happening, and we didn't quite yet built our relationships. We learned and read about things like cycles, trans-generational empathy, mythology, spaciousness, relationships, and what they have to do with educating.

the theme for october of 2022 was "place" as we're getting to understand the lay of the land in our learning spaces at this time of year. topics included thinking smaller, asset-based thinking, preparation, and edsheds. and what they have to do with educating humans for a more regenerative future.


tier 3

November focus:

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Join Tier 1 for free / donation to dip your toes into our monthly seasonal theme in a concrete way. 

Mini-Cast: Each month, learn how our monthly theme applies to your specific role as an educator (currently including mini casts for classroom teachers, administrators, homeschool educators, outdoor educators, coach/consultants/guides, and "other educational professionals) Listen to the role that applies to you, or listen to all of them!

Access to The Breathing Room. This tier also includes access to The Breathing Room where you'll get monthly theme-related bite-sized breathwork recordings for educators by our in-house breathwork coach, Jess.

Access to our Monthly Blog & Playlist. Access resources in our blog related to our monthly theme + a monthly playlist, for fun. :)

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monthly theme-based support for your unique role

instant access to:
+ mini-cast monthly teaching for your personal role based on monthly theme
+ monthly email to introduce the theme
+access to the breathing room with monthly breathwork related to the theme
+ blog access with writings and resources
+ A monthly We Are Verbs playlist, for fun :)

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This tier digs a little deeper into our monthly theme to help you connect your teaching scenario and practice to how a living system operates, not a machine. On the first Sunday of the month, you’ll receive your 30-ish page monthly workbook, broken into sections by week. This will be your personal guide for the month.

In this tier, you also get access to the 90-minute core workshop (live and recorded) where we’ll consider how the monthly theme makes us more fully alive humans, and how we can do that for the learning spaces we are responsible for. Each workshop includes an overview of the industrial paradigm we’re moving out of and the regenerative paradigm we’re moving into. 

This level of membership is perfect for those looking to deepen their awareness of the current paradigm we are living (and teaching) in.  Workshop recordings are only available until the end of the month the workshop is for. For ongoing access to all previous Core workshop recordings and other recordings of workshops we’ve done in the past, please sign up for Tier 4—All Access Pass + Video Library.

You’ll also receive the monthly messages and blog content in Tier 1 free.

Tier 2

+ everything in Tier 1
+ monthly 30ish-page workbook: a week-by-week guide for the monthly theme
+ 90-minute live Core workshop by Sarah relating the theme to concrete actions
+ Core workshop recording for the month 

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Join We Are Verb’s virtual community gathering space! Built on top of the previous tier curriculum of the monthly Core Workshop and related workbook, here is where we'll come together to support each other in meaning making when it comes to co-creatively imagining a new paradigm (and what our role as educators has to do with it!).  

Together, we'll assemble experiences, knowledge, and understanding from seemingly disconnected areas to consider our next steps, pose questions, and imagine something new together. 

This community gathering space is where you can participate in community forums and chats, learn from our community in community skill shares, and participate in book club meetings. All of these gatherings are semi-structured conversation spaces where we explore current themes, connections, assets, and apply our thinking and our learning (and our unlearning). We are cultivating relationships here where we can all grow and thrive, inside and outside of the learning spaces we're responsible for.

We are all types of different educators: homeschool educators, traditional classroom teachers, administrators, outdoor educators, education consultants, community college professors. Our diversity is what makes us stronger.

This level of membership allows you to access to use our virtual community platform Circle to create posts and connect with each other, ask each other questions, and more. You also receive everything in the previous tiers, such as the monthly workbook and the core workshop, as well as the monthly email and monthly messages in the first section. 

sliding scale 

Tier 3

community meaning making

+ everything in Tier 1 & 2
+ participate and co-create in community forums 
+ community skillshare workshops (live & recorded)
+ seasonal book club meetings and virtual discussion
+ (TRADITIONAL TEACHERS) earn CEUs at this level

tier 3

In the spirit of co-creation and diversity, most months, one of our community members will offer to share a skill or passion they have in whichever virtual format they choose: a workshop, a talk, a reading-- anything your heart dreams up! Our group is full of talent: we have members who make their clothes, farm, make music, cook, bake, lead amazing discussions, parent well, organize, and more. From broad to niche, we want our community to share with each other their passions as an educator and beyond. Stipends are provided for community members who share their skills. 

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This tier includes everything from previous tiers:
  • Once-monthly email with access to the monthly messages, personalized for different groups of educators, each month, as well as the blog.
  • Access to the monthly Core workbook, designed to take you through the monthly theme, week-by-week, with prompts related to the topic at hand, each week with a different sub-focus.
  • Access to Sarah’s monthly Core Workshop, which helps bring the content from the workbook and more with deeper discussion, further understanding, and real-life application (live and recorded)
  • Access to monthly community skill shares given by our community members (live and recorded). Community members are paid a stipend for sharing their skill.
  • Access to monthly book club meetings (where we slowly work our way through one book each season) 
  • Access to create posts and connect with each other, ask each other questions, and more on our virtual community platform

  • 24-hour access to Grounded Teaching’s video library where you can find recordings of past CORE workshops as well as several of Sarah and Jess’s recorded online classes. 

This tier level is perfect for those wanting to dive deeply into workshops and class recordings (such as our popular "embodied teacher" workshop series as well as other virtual classes we've taught) and/or those with financial ease and stability who really love Grounded Teaching and want to help it thrive.

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This tier level is perfect for those wanting to dive deeply into workshops and class recordings and/or those with financial ease and stability who really love Grounded Teaching and want to help it thrive.

A project-based certification for educators, rooted in our We Are Verbs community, created to give you guidance and experience applying regenerative principles to your own personal context as an educator.

Enrollment for the fall 2022 cohort is full and is now closed.
Spring enrollment will open in April.

Tier 5

Certification for Regenerative Design for Educators: Principles and Practices

fall 2022 cohort enrollment now closed.
Spring enrollment will open april 2023.

a note on our pricing

 we hope that sliding scale pricing will offer financial accessibility for those who need it. 

We are offering these ranges not to undermine the value of our work which we believe is part of a vital shift towards a new, regenerative future.

We hope to be one entry point of many into a world based on regeneration, not extraction.

This includes educators from black, indigenous, and many other cultures & places THAT HAVE BEEN TRADITIONALLY EXTRACTED FROM FOR POWER AND PROFIT. unfortunately, this list is long.

 To receive this gift for tier 3 access, please simply contact us here with the subject line: gift.

If you experience financial comfort or ease, please consider choosing a higher price tier to support the lower tiers, scholarships, and free offerings 

Thank you so much!

We also acknowledge that economic uncertainty and rising prices are a real issue for some folks who still may want to engage with us in our work.  

To that end, we always reserve a number of gift-scholarships for folks who come from a culture that has been deeply extracted from.

"Both Sarah and Jess are amazing at delivering/teaching all the concepts and practices. Your voices are calming and your timing and delivery are exceptional.

- Blanca B., educator, whittier city, CA

I was able to learn from Sarah and Jess, two very grounded, intelligent and kind women. My participation and experience in this program will guide my daily practices when it relates to myself, the community and nature as a woman, a mother, a partner and as an educator."

"The T.O.L.I.F.E.!. framework encouraged thoughtful evaluation of how I am teaching and living!"

- tricia E.

"Sarah and Jess blew me away with the ridiculous quantity of research and scientific knowledge that supports every aspect of this learning framework.

They are living proof that these practices open up the energy to get shit done, The tools embedded into the workshop make it realistic to actually put these ideas into practice. Utter respect." 

- meredith Charpantier, teacher