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Dig into our monthly focus to support your work as an educator for a more regenerative future.

Monthly Workbook

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This month of November we're asking: How can better understanding my relationship with failure and my practice of feedback support us as educators for more regenerative futures?

Workbooks are available for anyone to purchase separately for instant download, and is included in We Are Verbs tiered memberships. 

Note: To keep our focus on our monthly themes, a new workbook will be available in December, and you will no longer be able to purchase this workbook.

Each month, we choose a theme that will help us better understand who we are as educators, and how we can move the needle towards more life (including for ourselves)!

This month we're asking: how can digging into the topics of failure & feedback support us as educators for more regenerative futures? 

Enjoy 27 pages of reflective questions, poems, metaphors, and resources aimed at uncovering pain, failure, understanding our unique selves, designing feedback loops in living systems, and more. 

This workbook is for anyone who spends time facilitating learning experiences of others (aka "an educator"), including: classroom teachers, community educators, homeschool parents, school administrators, instructional coaches, ed consultants, and more. 

This workbook is available for anyone to purchase separately for instant download, and is also included in We Are Verbs  sliding scale, tiered memberships, starting at $5.  Members at the Workbook + Workshop Tier or higher can access the live links and workbook at

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failure & feedback

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let's recap:

Monthly Recorded Workshops 

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In addition to our Core Workshops, we offer two other community connection points each month. They are a little more casual and co-creative.

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Community skillshare: recording available

NOVEMBER COMMUNITY SKILLSHARE: Doing Gatherings Better- From Holiday Hangs to the English Lit Class You Teach

11/21, 7-8 EST, recording available for now on We Are Verbs, the Meaning Making Tier.

access via We Are Verbs: Meaning Making Tier (sliding scale starting at $10)
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 book club

11/30, 7-8 EST, no recording

On 11/30, we'll finish our seasonal discussion on Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. No need to have attended the first two meetings! 

The purpose of why we're reading this book in this group: "My exploration of the fungal world has made me reexamine much of what I knew. Evolution, ecosystems, individuality, intelligence, life-- none are quite what I thought they were. My hope is that this book loosens some of your certainties, as fungi have loosened mine." (Sheldrake)

So far, we've marveled at how mushrooms are wild.

We chatted about how learning to operate like a living system from mushrooms. How they can teach us about being in place. How they put their feelers in all directions and quickly prune back.

They are flexible, resilient, wise, seemingly unbiased! We talked about senses and perceptions-- what "seeing" means without eyes and "hearing" means without ears... and some fun thought experiments that our students could potentially get into. 

We've discussed so many other amazing "tangents" that aren't tangents because it's a book club and all thoughts are welcome 🙂

You should come!

access via we Are Verbs: Meaning Making Tier (sliding scale starting at $10)